Climate Activism Through Photography

Benjamin Von Wong and his partner Anna Tenne were not sure how to approach the task of shooting editorial photographs with actual storms brewing in the background, but that didn’t stop them from creating some of the most alluring and alarming climate change PSAs to date. Benjamin and his crew set out to photograph models and sets in front of super storms in the midwest, something that was tricky as some of the storms can move past at more than 30mph. To accomplish this they contacted Kelley DeLay, an environmental photographer and storm chaser, who would guide them and keep them safe amidst the supercell storms they were out to photograph. The resulting images are incredibly vivid and ominous, as seemingly normal and vulnerable scenes of our routine life are exposed the the brutal winds of the impending super cells. The photos, which Von Wong called Surreal Storm Chasing Portraits, can be found on his site, below are just a few of his incredible images and some behind the scene photos as well.

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